Sunday, December 23, 2007

(sing) Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!

I just finished taking a survey that's supposed to match you up with your ideal presidential candidate, based on your answers to 20 questions. I had no idea who mine would be, since I don't feel very closely aligned with any of them so far. The only thing I felt sure about was that it wouldn't be Huckabee!

Turned out I'm closest in my views with Rudy Juliani, but not by that much. I agree with him on 51% of the issues.

BTW my prediction was right - the one I;m the LEAST compatible with IS Huckabee. I sat beside a total Huckabee supporter on Thanksgiving Day - that was interesting. Found out some things I didn't know about her... kind of wish I still didn't know those things!! :-p

To clarify, (before anyone gets all fired up & flames me) I'm not saying he's all evil or anything like that. I just know that being aligned with him seemed to make my friend feel very comfortable with tossing the word "queer" around in ways that didn't mean odd. Made me want to smack her.

Anyway... If you'd like to take the poll & see who your "best match" is, click on the box above!


Cindy said...

My closest match was John McCain, but considering it was only 46%, I'm not highly matched with any of them. I will say that Huckabee was at the bottom for me as well and I am happy with that.

So Very Thankful my Daughter was not maimed badly yesterday1 said...

i'm not spilling the beans on myself but gota say it really wasnt a surprise for me--- i am definatly affiliated with one party lol

and i am really pretty apolitical really. i am proud to say that Hil was at the bottom of my list....not the very last but close. --giggle

Denise said...

Mine was John McCain. Whcih was a 38% then I was at 35% with John edwards-Mitt Romeny & a few others.. so gald Hill was at the ottom. .or 2nd to the bottom- she sooo annoys me. Anyhoo- like Cindy- I am not highly matched with anyone.

fuzzywhitedogs said...

You know, with all of us having our "highest" match being so low, maybe one of us should run for President! It's pretty obvious that none of the candidates are all that easy to agree with.

Any volunteers? ;-)

{b r a n d i} said...

My closest match was Thompson but only at 45%, so I don't really consider that very close. Hmm.