Thursday, May 22, 2008

Parents and Puppies

My sister is reading a book called "Toxic Parents". I haven't read it yet, but she said it's amazing. I'm debating on whether to read it or not. Just reading a review of it made me X out of that page very quickly & go on to reading something much less threatening. I guess maybe it hits a little too close to home... or does it? Yeah, it does. I mean, if the review was threatening then that probably is telling me something right there. Maybe not. I don't want it to. So. hmmm. Just call me the Queen of Denial! (Hey, that goes along with the Cleopatra blog from the other day, heh heh.)

Have YOU read "Toxic Parents"? If so, what did you think?

Took the furboos to the groomer today & OMG you should see the little guy! His hair is SO short!!! He still has his floppy bangs & floofy tail, but the hair on his body (Havanese have hair, not fur) is maybe half an inch long! Surprisingly, I like it. Rubbing it feels like velvet! He no longer looks like a teddy bear, but he is going to be SO happy not to have me having to brush out tangles. (He hates to be brushed!)

Ms. P. on the other hand, even though she hides when she sees the brush & comb coming out, actually goes to sleep while I'm brushing her! Because of that, we left her hair fairly long. Right now she looks like a dandilion - all white & poofy. They both smell soooo good! Wonder if it will last 'til Saturday? That's when they get to go see Sharkey the Poodle! Meanwhile I'll get to see DS and DIL which will be cool. :-)

Cleopatra, the Queen of DeNial

What color are you?

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Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm first! I'm first!

Since I wrote about childish feelings on the blog below, I have to add another one. This one is more positive -

On one of my friend's blog pages my site is first on her list of her favorite blogs. Every time I see that I smile. Now, you have to remember that the list is in alphabetical order which is the reason I'm on top, but it still makes me smile!


How many Cleopatras ARE there anyway?

Isn't it funny how deeply we feel about our names? We've heard them spoken in many tones, in many places, and they've become as much a part of us as our eyes and noses. I hadn't really thought much about how personal a name is until recently.

I'm in an on-line group that includes several of us with the same first name. We'd each added a bit to the end to differentiate one from the other. (for instance: CleopatraBob, CleopatraF., and CleopatraCincinnati.) Well, recently one of the Cleopatras dropped the suffix and started using just the name Cleopatra.

Every time I see "my" name there identifying someone else I feel myself frowning. It'd be different if we'd all gotten together & decided who was going to be THE "Cleopatra" but we didn't. Usually I'm good about sharing, but for some reason this is really bothering me.

I find myself thinking that people might read things that she has written and think that I am the one who wrote them. (Not that she writes anything "bad", she is a lovely woman and a very kind person which is one more reason why I don't understand why it bothers me that she's using our name without the identifying suffix.)

Really this is the first time I've ever been around a group of friends that included someone sharing my first name. Maybe that's why I feel so possessive about it. I could always change my forum name, but I've been on there for years & don't feel having the hassle of people not knowing who I am, etc.

I guess I could change it to just Cleopatra, too, & get people REALLY confused with 2 of us sharing exactly the same name... maybe the other Cleopatras would do the same... heck, maybe everybody on the forum could just become Cleopatra! (snort!)

Anyway, just had to talk about this because it has been on my mind & you know me - if it's on my mind long enough it ends up on this page. (Well, maybe not ALWAYS but sometimes.) It's not a big deal and I don't know why in the world it makes me frown... but thinking about having 200 Cleopatras on a forum did make me snicker, so that's an improvement! (Well, IMHO it's an improvement - the cat who was sleeping on my chest until I so rudely woke him up with my snickering might not agree.) (snicker)

Signing off - the Childish Cleopatra

Friday, May 9, 2008

Healing Prayers

I just found out that the wife of one of my son's friends has traveled down to the Mayo Clinic this week for her 1-yr. checkup to be sure she's cancer-free. You can read about her battle with the rare disease here: (It's a very upbeat blog, her DH is just an amazing person.)

As she undergoes this battery of tests please join me in taking a moment to pray that all will be well! Thanks!

Life's simple pleasures: Spring Violets

Tuesday DH came in with a tiny gift for me: a tiny wild violet that was growing in the yard! He said "I brought you this 'cause I know you love Spring - I would've brought more but this was the only one I could find".

OMG how sweet is that??!! Can't you just picture this 6 ft. guy out there spotting a 1/2 inch violet & stooping down to get it just for me?

Just when I think he doesn't have a romantic bone left in his body he does something like this! Thinking about it makes me smile. :-)