Friday, April 24, 2009

Nana's Smiling Boy

Here's one of the cutest smiles you'd ever want to see! DD took the pic yesterday - can you believe how he is growing?? She called me yesterday afternoon so I could hear him giggling! What a sweetie!


Hurrah! Woke up this morning & the "scrapper's block" was gone! Marched right into my craft room & did the prom layout in less than half an hour! Don't know how that happened - maybe I worked through it in my sleep - whatever the reason I am thrilled!!! I'll share a pic of it later.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trying to Scrap but Stuck on the Details!

I'm having the worst time getting started scrapping an album for myself. When I do them for other people I always know exactly how I want them to be (go figure) but for myself I just go back & forth about every little decision & end up not scrapping at all. Aaargh!

When this happens how do you stop going back & forth about album size, which photos to use, whether or not to include old BFs/GFs in prom pics, whether to try to have a theme to the album or just use whatever you like at the moment, & on & on...??? I'm starting to wish I just had about 2 dozen photos, 1 album, 1 pen/marker, 1 type of paper, and 1 set of embellishments. Then it might be easy.

Aaack! Hang on, put those materials down!! Just because I said I'd do better without them doesn't mean I meant it!! I love all my scrapping goodies!! I just need to make some decisions & get down to work though... otherwise this will continue to be more of a collection than a hobby!

At the moment album size is the biggest stumbling block. I love working with 12x12, but the albums are so heavy & bulky to carry around that I kind of prefer the 8x8... except that there's not enough room per page for all the journaling etc. that i like to include with my pics.

I'd like to be able to make photocopies in case my kids or somebody want them, and finding a place that will do 12x12 color copies for a reasonable price is just about impossible. The easiest way to get around that would be to use 8 1/2 x 11 but I don't want to - I strongly prefer working with a square page... which brings us back to the first paragraph (above)!

Ok, anybody have any suggestions (other than QuitFiddlingAroundAndGetToWork" or "EitherFishOrGetOffTheBoat"? LOL!

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Products to Try

I love to try new products but hate wasting money. That's why I'm excited about this list compiled by Self magazine after they had 855 of their readers test over 1,000 beauty products. Unlike many "best of" lists, this one actually has many afforable proucts including 35 that cost $10. or less!
I'm definitely going to try some of these whenever it's time for me to replace a product I already have. You can see the list along with comments by the testers by clicking on the title above. There's even a printable shopping list-

Monday, April 13, 2009

John & Kate plus Eight

I'm watching John & Kate plus Eight on TLC right now and BOY is Kate being grouchy! I've heard that she & her husband are having trouble & I can understand why. Not only is there the stress caused by trying to manage a large family, but she treats her husband like he's one of the kids. He's very easy going & doesn't complain about it but you know it has to get to him sooner or later! I hope they can work things out though - can you imagine trying to raise that many kids by yourself???

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The "Nana Blanket"

The "Nana Blanket" was so-named by my granddaughter Ashley who would ask specifically for "the blanket Nana made me", gradually shortened to "my Nana Blanket". Her mom (my daughter) swears that it has magical properties, soothing and putting to sleep even the most restless child.

Last week I gave my little grandson his Nana Blanket. His sisters were so happy that he has his own! (They'd been taking turns letting him use theirs.) Since I have 4 grandchildren this was the 4th blanket I've made of the same fluffy, thick, amazingly soft yarn. Since this is probably my last grandchild, this may also be the last Nana Blanket! We wrapped Andy up in it & guess what? He went right to sleep!