Thursday, January 31, 2008

Only google your XDH if you want to get annoyed.

My DS told me several months ago that he had googled my XDH & discovered that he has declared himself to be something of an expert on ADHD. Just now I tried it (googling XDH that is, not declaring myself to be an expert).

I think my blood pressure is currently 20,275,783 over 4000.

OMG he is giving advice out like it's candy at a Christmas parade!! AAAAaaaaaaack!! Not only is he attributing all the problems his DD (from his current marriage) is having to being ADHD, but he has also decided that HE has it too... and if that's not annoying enough, he is even saying that one of our children has it which is absolutely ridiculous!!

How would he know if they did or not anyway, he spent so little time with them he wouldn't have a clue. He even sent a birthday card to DGD with a sappy note about her beautiful big brown eyes... excuse me, Mr. Gran'pa of the year, but the kid's eyes are bleeping BLUE just like her mother's -your DD's - or maybe you thought hers were BROWN too???!!!

He goes on & on advising young parents on the ADHD Forum that "because ADHD kids are attention seeking you should ignore them". Well, excuse me buddy but IMHO a large part of the problem with your "new" DD is that she is just screaming (both figuratively and literally) for attention! Poor kid gets absolutely none from you OR your wife.

I just want to slap him! (I am not normally a violent person, but I swear if he were to walk in right now I'd enjoy nothing more than pelting him with every plate, glass, cup & saucer that I could get my hands on!)

Here he is giving out advice when:
#1. he didn't even raise his first 2 kids; and
#2. he's basically making this 3rd child raise herself because he and his current DW are both too sorry to get off their butts and get involved. Why the heck they were allowed to adopt a child in the first place is beyond me.

Geeze, what is they say about "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing"? Well, if you look that old saying up on Wikipedia his photo should definitely be beside it! What an idiot. (Idiot is not a word I normally use, but it is his word of choice when putting people down so I'm using it because of that... taste of his own medicine and all that - not that he'll ever read this.)

I just cringe thinking of the damage his "expert advice" may have caused already. Some of the posts are over 5 years old! :-p

Anyway, had to share that, it was either tell you or go out on the street and look for an innocent bystander to beat up. (Would be hard to find a bystander, innocent or not, tonight because it's 18 degrees outside.)

Thanks for listening, I feel better now. Still annoyed, but better.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The "Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale"

I just finished watching an independent film entitled "Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale". When I first saw the name I thought it was some sort of bad comedy, but the title turned out to be telling the truth!

Iran is the only country in the world where you can legally sell a body organ, It's mostly done by young healthy people who need money.

I was absolutely riveted when it got to the part when they began to show the healthy guy's kidney being removed (you may or may not know that I had one removed a few years back. I didn't get paid for it though, daggone it! The going price is $3,000. and I'm thinking that since mine had a 6 cm. alien growing on it it should've been worth at least $4,000.) But I digress... let's get back to the film.

It showed the gaping hole they made in the young man in order to get to the kidney, and then showed the dr. lifting it up to examine & weigh it. It looked so very healthy, all red & vibrant & practically pulsing with life. They immediately took it into the next room to be installed in the waiting recipient.

Afterwards, the guy said to his wife "we must be more careful with our money now because we've sold our last resource". EEEEeeeeeeeek! What kind of country is it that teaches people that it's ok to do this for money? It (IMHO) illustrates how the lawmakers in Iran value (or should I say don't value) the lives of poor individuals.

This got me to thinking about how our laws are in place to (sometimes) protect people from themselves. Once every ten minutes a young person walks into one of the Iranian clinics that are specially set up for people to come in & sell an organ. They even haggle over the price!

Sure, people here in the U.S. sell plasma, but it's something that the body regenerates. Not so with a kidney.

While watching the surgery my throat felt like it was closing up... maybe it was partly because I knew my body had been invaded and robbed the way the guy's body was (although for me it was more of a search and rescue mission), but mostly I think it was just at the realization that young, vibrant men and women are doing this as an easy way to make money, not considering that they may actually need that "extra" kidney one day.

The hospital and operating room kind of freaked me out because it didn't have the "magical quality" of the operating rooms over here... the complex gadgets, gleaming surfaces, immaculate white cloths, brightly shining special lights reflecting off of the gleaming stainless steel... All of those things tell us, as we're wheeled in, that we're entering a special place where miracles can and do occur every day.

In contrast, the hospital in the film had about as much confidence-inducing atmosphere as your basement - and we're talking a basement that hasn't really been fixed up yet. I found myself expecting the doctor to whip a hunting knife out of his belt, wipe it on his pant leg, and start hacking.

Even if you can get past the lack of modern equipment and sanitary conditions, you'll notice the lack of concern for the donor's basic comfort.

If you've ever had surgery in the U.S. you probably remember having a clean sheet and soft white woven cotton blanket tucked in around you in pre-op, and when you woke up you may have found yourself wrapped in blankets that had been heated just for you. It made you feel comforted, cared for, safe.

In contrast,young man in Iran had a single cotton sheet tossed casually over him, his feet and upper body still exposed. In post-op, instead of having a nurse gently speaking to you as you regain consciousness, this poor guy had a robed man semi-shouting at him to wake up while pinching his nipple and slapping his face. I've seen lab rats treated with more respect than that.

The documentary is going to be on again tonight at midnight & will no doubt be aired repeatedly since the Discovery Channel generally operates that way. I'd recommend watching it - it really makes you stop and think about what your views really are about selling organs. (Before watching it I felt that you should be allowed to sell them if they wanted to... after all it's your body, yada yada yada.)

After watching it I think not. Much like the lottery sucks the money out of those who can least afford it but who are hoping for a miracle, this practice literally sucks the organs out of those who may have their judgement clouded by desperation. I'll be interested to hear what you think.

I'd recommend watching it. Be aware that it's all subtitles though, so unless you speak the language you won't be able to multi-task while watching it. ;-)

Interesting >8-)

"Depression is Anger without Enthusiasm."

Just read that & thought it was cool.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Laptop Addiction

I think I'm addicted to my laptop. I have tons of things to be doing but here I sit (and not just today, but practically EVERY day!) typing away! I'd hate to think how many scrapbooks I could've finished, books I could've read, dishes I could've washed (not!), sweaters I could've knitted, quilts I could've made... but instead it's type type type.

This addiction isn't totally a bad thing. I have made many good friends on-line, several whom I've actually met in person, and nobody chopped me into pieces and buried me by the river (despite the dire predictions of my friends.) :-)

The laptop also enables me to keep in touch with my parents much more than I'd done in years. We communicate almost daily rather than weekly or even monthly as it was before the internet. My mom is 76 but she loves e-mail and is the Queen of the Forwards, much to my childrens' chagrin. (Yeah, I'm not thrilled either but I seem to be able to blow it off easier than they do.)

When I just had a desktop computer I had to get up occasionally to stretch, but with the laptop I can be so comfy that nothing budges me except the bathroom needs of the dogs! (yeah, I have those needs too but I put off going until I have to get up for them!)

Speaking of which, Mr. G. is making his grumbling sound that means he needs to "go" so up I get! (while I'm gone you can diagram that sentence LOL!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grumbles & Good things

I'm tired of having to change snowy socks & pants every time I come in from walking the dogs.

I'm tired of having to towel the dogs off and then blow-dry them every time we come in.

I'm tired of salty white footprints everywhere.

I'm tired of the weather forecasters saying "flurries" while snow is pounding down (3 inches this morning just while I was at work).

I don't like the fact that they don't bother to plow the parking lot where I work, which means that I have to start the day by wading through snow up to my knees.

I'm tired of the weatherman saying "cuddle alert!" whenever the temps are going to be in the single digits. It was cute a few years ago but is getting tiresome now.

I'm tired of being up here when all of my family (except DH) is in the south... what good is snow if you don't have some little kids to help you build a snowman?

I'm tired of taking snow photos with a camera that wears out batteries after only 8 pictures.


I'm glad Hillary & Obama finally got down & dirty last night. Much better than all the mumbles - just get it out in the open already!

I'm glad my mom came through her heart surgery/stent Thursday with flying colors.

I'm glad I was able to spend several days with my parents & sister around the time of the surgery.

I'm glad my niece got to spend the weekend with us (she lives 16 hours away so it was a big deal). We had a GREAT time!

I'm glad Hillary & Obama looked contrite when John Edwards started talking about hungry children & health care after their squabble. Kind of shows that maybe they know what's important.

I'm glad I have a DVR. It's the coolest thing. :-)

I'm glad I like snow. If I didn't I'd be dead right now....

...but I'm ready for Spring.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One GOOD Thing about Drivers on Cell Phones

Observation made today while sitting at the longest red light in the world:

When people are driving and talking on their cell phones at the same time, they can't pick their noses!

Hurrah for that. :-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Living Life to the Fullest (or not)

I just watched a brief video posted by my on-line friend Holly. It really spoke to me, and after a bit I realized that the other thing that has spoken to my heart lately is a song that has a very similar theme.

The video is called "Today". You can see an excerpt from it here:

The song is "How you Live (Turn up the Music)" by Point of Grace. You can hear the whole thing here:

The fact that the video and song really hit home confirms what I've been thinking about how I live my life... it needs some work!