Thursday, January 31, 2008

Only google your XDH if you want to get annoyed.

My DS told me several months ago that he had googled my XDH & discovered that he has declared himself to be something of an expert on ADHD. Just now I tried it (googling XDH that is, not declaring myself to be an expert).

I think my blood pressure is currently 20,275,783 over 4000.

OMG he is giving advice out like it's candy at a Christmas parade!! AAAAaaaaaaack!! Not only is he attributing all the problems his DD (from his current marriage) is having to being ADHD, but he has also decided that HE has it too... and if that's not annoying enough, he is even saying that one of our children has it which is absolutely ridiculous!!

How would he know if they did or not anyway, he spent so little time with them he wouldn't have a clue. He even sent a birthday card to DGD with a sappy note about her beautiful big brown eyes... excuse me, Mr. Gran'pa of the year, but the kid's eyes are bleeping BLUE just like her mother's -your DD's - or maybe you thought hers were BROWN too???!!!

He goes on & on advising young parents on the ADHD Forum that "because ADHD kids are attention seeking you should ignore them". Well, excuse me buddy but IMHO a large part of the problem with your "new" DD is that she is just screaming (both figuratively and literally) for attention! Poor kid gets absolutely none from you OR your wife.

I just want to slap him! (I am not normally a violent person, but I swear if he were to walk in right now I'd enjoy nothing more than pelting him with every plate, glass, cup & saucer that I could get my hands on!)

Here he is giving out advice when:
#1. he didn't even raise his first 2 kids; and
#2. he's basically making this 3rd child raise herself because he and his current DW are both too sorry to get off their butts and get involved. Why the heck they were allowed to adopt a child in the first place is beyond me.

Geeze, what is they say about "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing"? Well, if you look that old saying up on Wikipedia his photo should definitely be beside it! What an idiot. (Idiot is not a word I normally use, but it is his word of choice when putting people down so I'm using it because of that... taste of his own medicine and all that - not that he'll ever read this.)

I just cringe thinking of the damage his "expert advice" may have caused already. Some of the posts are over 5 years old! :-p

Anyway, had to share that, it was either tell you or go out on the street and look for an innocent bystander to beat up. (Would be hard to find a bystander, innocent or not, tonight because it's 18 degrees outside.)

Thanks for listening, I feel better now. Still annoyed, but better.


VexedAngel said...

((hugs)) I'm sorry--know-it-alls in any format are beyond annoying, and an ex has to be 10x worse!

Hopefully people realized how full of it he was and tuned him out. Or they figured it out pretty quick if they ever took his advice. ;-)

{b r a n d i} said...

I can imagine how you feel!! The only thing my XDH is an expert on is if he's giving out advice on that, then it's ok. Anything else and we'd have a problem. ha ha ha