Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's a photo of my 2 oldest DGDs in their Halloween costumes. They were getting ready to go to the Halloween Sock Hop at their school. (They're in fourth grade and second grade... and yes, Hannah Montana's hair is a wig!) I won't get to see them on Halloween this year, but a photo is the next best thing. In the past I've gone trick-or-treating with them a couple of times, which is a big deal since they live so far away.

A couple of years ago I took them trick-or-treating in the neighborhood where I grew up (my parents still live there - about 2 hrs. from the DGDs' house). That was SO much fun - going around to the houses and watching the girls clamber up onto same porches that I had years ago. Cool thing was that most of the same people still live in those houses - 40 years older than they were back then but they remembered me & got a kick out of seeing the girls.

The odd thing was that (as I walked the girls around the neighborhood) whenever I ran into old classmates of mine (who were walking their grandchildren around they didn't act the least bit surprised to see me! Why is that odd? Because we hadn't seen each other since graduation night 1971! I guess it's because they've lived their whole lives right in that little town so they're used to running into old classmates all the time. I, on the other hand, moved away shortly after high school graduation so it's rare & exciting for me to see old friends. Really bizarre seeing them last when we were 17 and then running into them on Halloween night when they're age 55! It was almost like WE were in costume - "hey, let's all pretend like we're older..." Good times! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Election

It's less than a week 'til the election and I'm still not thrilled with either one of our presidential choices. I don't like McCain's policy on the war, and he's so rich that he does seem to be totally out of touch with the "middle America".

Obama has a lot of good ideas but I'm not sure that he has enough experience to be president. Also, he just doesn't seem to be as patriotic as McCain and I do think it's important that the U.S. president love his country.

If McCain's voice didn't sound so much like Bush's it would be a good thing... and if he was more interested in ending the war that would be great!

If something were to happen to Obama, I think Biden would do a decent job as pres. If something happened to McCain I can't even begin to imagine Sarah Palin leading the country - I think she would be ghastly.

McCain pulled all of his political people & campaign dollars out of my state because polls showed that he was so far behind he decided to concentrate on states where he felt like he had a chance. I think that was pretty lame... makes it seem like this state isn't important to him at all. Despite this, today on the news they were saying that he has gained popularity this week here in the state that he tossed aside.

Just 5 days 'til we have to make our final decision. Aaaack!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Speculum or X-Ray Vision?

In the last few years we have heard the word vagina used more and more in the news, on talk shows, and even on Broadway. I don't have a problem with the use of anatomical terms, but it bugs the heck out of me when they're used improperly.

Reporters feverishly reported that "Brittney's vagina was exposed" as she was getting out of a car without wearing her underwear. This morning on my ride to work, the DJ shrieked "I don't want to go to a nudist colony & walk around with my vagina showing!"

Ahem, excuse me, but unless a speculum is being used or the observer has x-ray vision, there is no danger of seeing a vagina when a woman is walking around or getting out of a car, no matter how naked she is! That's because the vagina is an INTERNAL part of the body. The external part is the vulva. Why it's suddenly being called a vagina (even in the acclaimed "Vagina Monologues" is beyond me.

So, remember the little word vulva & don't hesitate to use it (and even correct those who are mis-using the "other V word". After all, you don't hear people referring to a penis as a testicle... The female anatomy, just like the male anatomy, deserves to be properly named.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Pizza for McCain signs (yes, really!)

A local pizza parlor here is offering a free pizza to anyone who brings in a McCain/Palin yard sign! It's their way of protesting the fact that McCain pulled out all of his people & funds & ended his campaign in Michigan about a month ago.

He did it because he was so far behind in the polls here that he didn't think he could catch up. I've never heard of anybody doing that - and I have to say that it did make me think that if he's that interested in my vote (not) then should I be interested in giving it to him? Also, since he didn't hesitate to blow us off before he was even elected, how would he treat us afterwards?

Here's a clip about the pizza... and one of the few times (thank goodness) that you'll see a news anchor talking with his mouth full. Yech!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Yes, We're Buying Gold"

"Yes, we're buying gold." That's what the lady on the phone said. I've been hearing about a lot of people selling their gold items (old rings or whatever) now because the price of gold is high. I've been toying with doing that myself.

Actually, more than toying, I thought I was definitely going to do it until called the jewelry store & heard the lady say I could. Then I started having second thoughts... do any of the items have more sentimental value than gold value? Will I regret never any of it again?

Does selling your jewelry mean you're desperate? (It always does in the movies.) Should I use the money to pay off bills, give it to DH for his dental work (bridges must be paid for in advance) or buy something special for myself since it was/is my jewelry?

Suddenly I feel like a toddler yelling MY toys as I clutch them to my chest!

Hmm, sounds to me like I may not quite be totally ready to do this. I wonder if gold prices will go any higher? It's not like I HAVE to sell it right this minute, I could wait & see if it goes up.

Still.. gold is at an all time high right now, and these are things I haven't worn in YEARS. You know, I think I'll take a few odd things with me to work tomorrow... things I'm sure nobody in the family would want and that I don't feel attached to. Then, if I'm in the mood, I may just swing by the jeweler's & check it out...

I'll keep you posted!