Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big Snows Call for Cozy Quilts!

We have 16" of snow on the ground and more coming tomorrow! It's just crazy having that much -it's actually over the heads of our dogs! Can you imagine? This is the biggest snow we've had since I moved up here & I love it!! (The good thing is that in this state it snows so often that there are hundreds of plows & salt trucks so even with this huge snow the roads were cleared by the next day!)

This snow plus reading this blog: has me in the mood to make a quilt! Think I will do that after the holidays... I haven't made one in a couple of years so it'll be fun!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Procrastination, Projects, & Precipitation

Can you believe that this time next week it will be Christmas?? I have so many things I want to do before it gets here! I don't know why, but it seems like I always wait til the last minute to make gifts & therefore don't end up making many. I don't know why I do that (procrastinate). I do it with things I enjoy as well as those I dread, which puzzles me.

Anyway, I hope to get several projects done this weekend! I want to make some American Girl doll clothes for W, and I'd like to make a scrapbook album for my mom (both for Christmas). I still haven't finished the little sweater I'm knitting for Andrew but I doubt that I'll be working on it any more until after the holidays.

We're supposed to get between 9 and 12 inches of snow tonight! If it does that I won't be going to work, so I brought some of my work home with me to do here. I love snow, and it'll be nice to work here at home, snuggled up under a blanket with the dogs beside me, a hot cup of tea steaming on the end table and the curtains open so I can watch it snow.

Sure, it might be more efficient to work at the table with everything within reach, but the comfort makes up for the inconvenience of working using a big book as my lap desk. I used to have one of those lap desk things that has a flat, hard surface with a pillow-like base that you put in your lap, but when Garcia was in his chewing stage he kind of destroyed it. They're very handy but I just haven't gotten around to looking for one. (Aha, see there - procrastinating again!)

Think I'll go look outside & see if the snow has started yet. We still have about 4 inches on the ground from last week, so if we get as much as predicted the snow will be way taller than the dogs!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Cutest Santa Ever!

If you look closely you will, in the midst of these pretty girls, spot a tiny Santa! He is absolutely the cutest little Santa I have ever seen! It is (as if you couldn't guess) my grandson Andrew, age 3 1/2 weeks old, surrounded by his big sisters aka my sweet granddaughters. Just seeing this picture makes me smile - I hope it makes you smile too! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Safe in God's Hands

I am so thankful that I'm at safe and snug at home tonight and not in the hospital as I could easily have been.

This afternoon on the way home from work ice was hitting my windshield like pellets. The road was terribly slick, and even though I was driving very slowly and carefully I suddenly slid sideways & crossed 3 lanes of traffic!
I then spun around in a complete circle, did another sideways skid, and then another circle. This was all done amidst fairly heavy traffic, but miraculously I didn't hit anybody & nobody hit me.
This was an unusual thing for me to have happen because normally when there's ice or snow I drive the Kia, and it is fantastic in bad weather. Today I was in the Mustang which is the coolest car in the world on dry roads but just ghastly on slick ones.

Anyway, while I was doing my highway ballet I felt a total sense of peace, an assurance that everything was going to be alright. At a time when one might expect to be screaming, or at least gasping, I was calm. I truly felt like I was being held safely in the palm of God's hand, just as these marzipan babies are being held in the hand of their creator. What a wonderful feeling, and so unexpected. Thank you, God, for keeping me safe today and getting me through all of life's hurdles.

Sometimes Things Happen for a Reason

Yesterday we found out that Ashley has something she wants more than an AG doll. I'm SO glad we hadn't already ordered one! (For history on this read the last blog.)

Yesterday afternoon DH bought her what she wants (it's in the dining room waiting to be wrapped) and I went ahead & ordered the AG for Whitney (the one that "looks like her" with the same hair color, eye color, etc.) If Ash decides she wants an AG doll later on then we will get it for her birthday in May.

Problem solved - HURRAH!

BTW, if you want to see something amazing, you should check out They make dolls to look like your child, even to details like facial shape and birthmarks! They're very cool. The price is frightening, but the dolls are cool, almost to the point of being spooky!