Monday, December 1, 2008

Safe in God's Hands

I am so thankful that I'm at safe and snug at home tonight and not in the hospital as I could easily have been.

This afternoon on the way home from work ice was hitting my windshield like pellets. The road was terribly slick, and even though I was driving very slowly and carefully I suddenly slid sideways & crossed 3 lanes of traffic!
I then spun around in a complete circle, did another sideways skid, and then another circle. This was all done amidst fairly heavy traffic, but miraculously I didn't hit anybody & nobody hit me.
This was an unusual thing for me to have happen because normally when there's ice or snow I drive the Kia, and it is fantastic in bad weather. Today I was in the Mustang which is the coolest car in the world on dry roads but just ghastly on slick ones.

Anyway, while I was doing my highway ballet I felt a total sense of peace, an assurance that everything was going to be alright. At a time when one might expect to be screaming, or at least gasping, I was calm. I truly felt like I was being held safely in the palm of God's hand, just as these marzipan babies are being held in the hand of their creator. What a wonderful feeling, and so unexpected. Thank you, God, for keeping me safe today and getting me through all of life's hurdles.

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:::b r a n d i::: said...

wow, that's scary!! I'm glad you are safe!