Friday, June 29, 2007

The search for a couch continues...

This afternoon Dh & I headed over to the "Lazy Boy Showcase Shop" and checked out their furniture. OMG I could've gone to sleep and stayed there all night & been quite happy! Then we went over to Pier 1 (I knew they wouldn't have what we wanted -- and they didn't -- but it was right across the street & was a good excuse to get to check it out. :-) DH was tired though so we only spent a few minutes in there.

Anyway, we found a sectional that we liked a lot at LB. We got a sheet with dimensions on it (you can switch around the componentsw to make one that fits room). I'm going to play around with it tomorrow (the measurements) and see what I come up with.

I'm still having a hard time getting excited about spending this much money when we already have a couch. It's getting worn, but still.. we've been talking about getting bills paid off & here we are about to add to them instead. :-(

Ah well, we'll see....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Couch Shopping


Today we went to 2 large furniture stores and sat on approximately 75 couches! Big ones, small ones, sectionals, leather, denim, faux suede, you name it, I sat on it! None of them fit the bill. The most COMFORTABLE one had CUP HOLDERS, can you imagine??? I mean, it was fabulously comfortable but OMG it looked like it belonged in one of those big conversion vans, not a living room. Will continue search tomorrow.


Went to the furniture store in the little village where we used to live & looked at their extremely nice, outrageously expensive couches. This is where DH bought his furniture before we were married, and before he had a house payment or utility payments to make (they wre perks of his job). He kept pointing out how much more solid the couches there felt than the ones we sat on yesterday (which was true). I pointed out that if we were going to spend that much money, we could (for the price of one couch at that store) buy the enormous flat-screen tv he wants PLUS go on a really nice trip (that I'd like). We came out without a couch.

Later in the day mentioned to a friend that we were looking at couches. She asked if we'd looked at Jennifer's Convertibles. Got on-line to see if it looks like it's worth driving to (it's about 30 miles away). This (amusing/scary article) was at the top of the search results:
Hmmm, may not look there... but again maybe. Will send the article to DH & see what he thinks.

We would like a small sectional couch. It does not need to seat 27 people, as some of the ones we've seen seem to be designed to do. Four people would be plenty. :-) Feel free to post your furniture store and/or furniture company experiences, both pro & con!

How to post a comment :-)

A couple of you have asked how to leave a comment if you don't have a blogger account. It's easy!

At the end of each blog, it says "2 comments" (or however many comments it has.) Click on that & it will take you to an empty box where you type your comment. Type your screen name at the end of your comment. When you've finished, look below the box where you wrote your comment & you'll see where it asks for your ID. You'll click on "anonymous". Then click "post comment".

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, just let me know!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Please tell me about YOUR jobs (past or present)!

I'm thinking of looking for a new job. (loud cheering from my family members)

I would love to hear about YOUR FAVORITE JOB EVER, and also about your LEAST-FAVORITE JOB (unless you've had therapy to get over that one, in which case I'll understand if you don't want to dig those memories back up!)

:-) Go ahead caller, I'm listening!!

Father's Day

My Dad is 76 years old and I am blessed to have him alive and well and happily living in the house where I grew up.

On Father's Day I couldn't help but think of the many U.S. children whose dads would be over 50 years younger than mine, but who are no longer have the option of seeing their dads.

This morning on Rosie O'Donnell's website I saw that she had been thinking along the same lines. Regardless of one's politics, I think all Americans join together in sending their love and sympathy to the children of Americans who served in Iraq. Here's a portion of the poem she wrote:

this fathers day
thousands r without theirs
here in the US of A
as life goes on
another viet nam...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life is Fragile - badly written at 3:00 am

It's 3am and I'm pondering the fragility of life.

I talked with a friend of mine yesterday and she was telling me about having an anneurism burst a couple of weeks ago! Luckily she just happened to be in the hospital when it happened... she'd had a routine colonoscopy & was in the recovery room (the anneurism wasn't related to the surgery) ...they told her she would've bled to death if she had been anywhere but where she was.

I say "luckily" but I do think God had a hand in it -- but by saying that, am I implying that He doesn't have a hand in it when somebody's anneurism bursts when they're NOT in the hospital & they end up bleeding to death like my neighbor did last Fall?

Look out, this is getting morbid, may want to click on another website right quick! Probably I should go to bed.

Anyway, instead of listing the somewhat frighteningly long list of my neighbors who have died this year, I will just say this: Life is fragile. People say "live each day as if it's your last" but that's just not very practical. I mean, if we all did that not many businesses would be staffed... we'd all be hanging out with our friends and/or family, lying on the beach with margaritas in easy reach, traveling around the world, doing all sorts of exciting things instead of being good solid citizens who go to work each day and do all the humdrum things we're expected to do.

I think what I am learning is that it is very important to let the people around you know you love them (if you do). Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and let them know that they're important to you. Who knows, hearing it might help them get through the day, keep them from jumping off a bridge, or at least make them smile.

Also... don't drink caffeine after supper, it will keep you awake much too late. ;-)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Women with Long Hair belong in Communes!

I should be living in a commune... at least that's what my sister told me when I saw her a few weeks ago! We hadn't seen each other since Christmas, and apparently my hair has grown frighteningly long since then. (She does not like my hair long, which to her is anything extending beyond the tops of my ears!) Since I'm growing it for Locks of Love she didn't try to talk me into cutting it (although I could see her fingers twitch as she cast sidelong glances toward Dad's scissors on the tray table...)

It was so funny, she kept fiddling with it & pulling it up & back & saying "you have such a pretty face, you shouldn't hide it .." The REASON it was funny is BECAUSE it is exactly what my G-mama, my mom, and the neighborhood hairdresser used to say to me when I had it long back in the 60's. ( I mean here you are, trying to hide under this mass of hair, and people keep telling you to show your face!)

All her talk of long hair and communes got me to thinking, maybe it
would be kind of nice to live in one (a commune that is, not a long hair)! It'd be fun to be in a situation where one could always find somebody who was up for a game of Scrabble - and people would share chores. I would want to be the laundry girl. That's a job I enjoy doing - I find it rewarding - and I'm not frightened by enormous stacks of it!

I get a kick out of removing tough stains. (Hey, P&G, are you listening?) I could do an Era commercial! I love that stuff -- it's been my detergent of preference since the 70's! You don't even need a stain-stick!

I like the way the clothes come out of the dryer all warm and soft (or off the clothesline smelling like sunshine). Creating nice, neatly folded stacks of jeans and shirts is relaxing, and reuniting socks with their mates rivals the pleasure any therapist would feel after doing the same thing for couples.

Speaking of couples, how funny is it that all this talk of communes has not even touched on sex? Hmm... I'll have to ask my sister.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Knock yourself out, nobody cares-

Good thing I enjoyed getting the garage done 'cause nobody else appreciated it at ALL if you get my drift! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

That's ok, it made me happy & that's what counts (she said, rolling her eyes & wondering if she really believes that herself... LOL)