Saturday, June 23, 2007

Couch Shopping


Today we went to 2 large furniture stores and sat on approximately 75 couches! Big ones, small ones, sectionals, leather, denim, faux suede, you name it, I sat on it! None of them fit the bill. The most COMFORTABLE one had CUP HOLDERS, can you imagine??? I mean, it was fabulously comfortable but OMG it looked like it belonged in one of those big conversion vans, not a living room. Will continue search tomorrow.


Went to the furniture store in the little village where we used to live & looked at their extremely nice, outrageously expensive couches. This is where DH bought his furniture before we were married, and before he had a house payment or utility payments to make (they wre perks of his job). He kept pointing out how much more solid the couches there felt than the ones we sat on yesterday (which was true). I pointed out that if we were going to spend that much money, we could (for the price of one couch at that store) buy the enormous flat-screen tv he wants PLUS go on a really nice trip (that I'd like). We came out without a couch.

Later in the day mentioned to a friend that we were looking at couches. She asked if we'd looked at Jennifer's Convertibles. Got on-line to see if it looks like it's worth driving to (it's about 30 miles away). This (amusing/scary article) was at the top of the search results:
Hmmm, may not look there... but again maybe. Will send the article to DH & see what he thinks.

We would like a small sectional couch. It does not need to seat 27 people, as some of the ones we've seen seem to be designed to do. Four people would be plenty. :-) Feel free to post your furniture store and/or furniture company experiences, both pro & con!

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{S} said...

advice??? IMO you get what you pay for. I strongly feel that paying a little more for the construction, filling, foam, fabric in a couch or sofa is well worth your investment. I shopped around for a couch for years, mostly because I kept giving in to the ones with the lower price... they hardly survived more than 2 years each with us. Then I got my Leather couches 6 years ago and still LOVE them, they have held up extremely well through 4 moves and 2 pets. When we bought this house we wanted a new couch for our family room since the leathers are in the living room, we got a sectional with a cuddler, it is so comfortable and well made. It was expensive, but so worth it IMO.