Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Please tell me about YOUR jobs (past or present)!

I'm thinking of looking for a new job. (loud cheering from my family members)

I would love to hear about YOUR FAVORITE JOB EVER, and also about your LEAST-FAVORITE JOB (unless you've had therapy to get over that one, in which case I'll understand if you don't want to dig those memories back up!)

:-) Go ahead caller, I'm listening!!


Christine Thresh said...

My favorite job ever was "White Flower Flyer" at Macys. I was young and got a discount on all the clothes in the store. After I quit and went back to college I added up my earnings and my spending and came out $1 to the good.
A "White Flower Flyer" did all the jobs in the store -- is the escalator stuck? Call a Flyer. The president's secretary is off sick. Call a Flyer for the day. Towels need folding. Call a Flyer. The bridal salon is having a big rush. Call a Flyer to tote those big white dresses around. I never knew from one hour to the next what I would be doing.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I could not find a way to reply to you.

fuzzywhitedogs said...

Oooh that sounds like fun! Never dull or repetitious -- I think I want to be a White Flower Flyer!!!

Cindy said...

My favorite job was actually in college. At BYU there was a program where professors could request student come in and critique classes, filme classes or do surveys to help them improve their teaching. Only problem was that it was voluntary so the worst professors never requested this. lol

My least favorite job was working for a company that did telephone surveys. I hated that job.

{b r a n d i} said...

Well I'd steer clear of anything retail related -- I've always HATED any of those I had.