Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's a photo of my 2 oldest DGDs in their Halloween costumes. They were getting ready to go to the Halloween Sock Hop at their school. (They're in fourth grade and second grade... and yes, Hannah Montana's hair is a wig!) I won't get to see them on Halloween this year, but a photo is the next best thing. In the past I've gone trick-or-treating with them a couple of times, which is a big deal since they live so far away.

A couple of years ago I took them trick-or-treating in the neighborhood where I grew up (my parents still live there - about 2 hrs. from the DGDs' house). That was SO much fun - going around to the houses and watching the girls clamber up onto same porches that I had years ago. Cool thing was that most of the same people still live in those houses - 40 years older than they were back then but they remembered me & got a kick out of seeing the girls.

The odd thing was that (as I walked the girls around the neighborhood) whenever I ran into old classmates of mine (who were walking their grandchildren around they didn't act the least bit surprised to see me! Why is that odd? Because we hadn't seen each other since graduation night 1971! I guess it's because they've lived their whole lives right in that little town so they're used to running into old classmates all the time. I, on the other hand, moved away shortly after high school graduation so it's rare & exciting for me to see old friends. Really bizarre seeing them last when we were 17 and then running into them on Halloween night when they're age 55! It was almost like WE were in costume - "hey, let's all pretend like we're older..." Good times! Happy Halloween!


Thomas said...

That's such a cool story! I grew up on a farm, so didn't really get to trick or treat. I mean, we drove to a few people's houses, and I wasn't hurting for candy, I guess, but not quite the same.

They had trick-or-treating at the hospital today, some of the patients were dressed up and various offices around the hospital volunteer to be stops. It was really fun. :-)


Thomas said...

Hey, it's Ann (VexedAngel!) I just realized I'm signed in under T's account! whoops! lol