Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Eukanuba Dog Show

Garcia & I are watching the Eukanuba Dog Show right now. Yes, G. is a dog but he is watching this as intently as any human would! First he was sitting beside me on the couch watching it, but then during the last commercial he got DH's blanket & pulled it down onto the floor. He then got his favorite toy, placed it on the blanket, & layed down beside it, right in front of the tv!

Garcia seems to prefer light-colored dogs. When one catches his attention he hops up & runs to the tv & stands on his (really short) little hind legs so that he can see it better! Soooo cute!

So far his favorite has been the 15" beagle. For it, he actually gave the screen a little lick and then looked behind the tv to see if maybe the beagle was going to come around & play with him.

I've never had a pet who watched tv before so this absolutely cracks me up! If & when I figure out how to post photos I'll put one on here showing him - a new breed - the TV Hound! :-)


VexedAngel said...

That's hilarious!!! Our kitties only watch TV or the computer screen if they happen to notice the cursor moving around (like the arrow of the mouse or the hand when we use the Wii). :-) Although I did get a pic of Jack staring intently at the PowerPuff Girls Movie once. lol

{b r a n d i} said...

Now that's hilarious! Maddie doesn't really seem to watch much TV, but occasionally I'll catch the cat watching something. She likes things that move fast, so I'm sure if I watched Nascar she'd join me. I think that's hilarious that your dog did that.....too funny!

Sherri said...

That's hilarious! Do you think they are jealous?

Denise said...

That is hilarious!! Gra-Ce our cat will watch TV with us once in awhile.. something has to catch her eye. You have got to get a phot of him watching TV.Megan will bark when she hears the doorbell--including the ones on TV..LOL

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

i love watching the dog shows--- I hardly ever catch them but when i do see them i love it!