Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Sparkling in the Moonlight

I just came in from walking the dogs & I have to say it is absolutely beautiful outside! It's snowing the very tiny flakes you get when the air is extremely cold and dry. They sparkle like glitter in the moonlight - floating all around in the air like tiny fairies - pretty amazing!

I just really enjoy cold weather. Right now we have a hard snow pack of about a foot covering all of the ground, with drifts and piles higher here & there. The pile of snow (now solid ice) that came out of our driveway is as tall as I am! Really! (... and the driveway isn't all that big!)

My sister told me a few days ago that she now has forsythia blooming in her yard. One of my scrapping friends in S.C. has daffodils blooming! Made me wonder if we really live in the same country - or even the same continent! We've had more snow here than in many years & I'm loving it! I won't complain any when spring comes though LOL.

Here, Spring is a lot different than in KY. Down there in March trees start blooming and spring flowers pop up even if there's still snow on the ground. Spring lasts for a couple of months before Summer comes blasting in around the first week of June with temps of 100.

Here, plants don't even think about turning green until June (yes, the lilacs wait 'til June to bloom), but when things finally do start awakening from their winter sleep they do it in "fast forward" mode.

We go from bits of visible green to huge green leaves in less than a month - way less than a month! It's just nuts. It's like the plants know that if they're going to have much of a life they'd better hurry since winter's first snow arrives in October!

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Sherri said...

I bet it is pretty. You would have to love it in order to be able to endure it!! I love seeing snow when it is fresh and pretty. But I'm not sure I could live where it snows all the time!