Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The "Nana Blanket"

The "Nana Blanket" was so-named by my granddaughter Ashley who would ask specifically for "the blanket Nana made me", gradually shortened to "my Nana Blanket". Her mom (my daughter) swears that it has magical properties, soothing and putting to sleep even the most restless child.

Last week I gave my little grandson his Nana Blanket. His sisters were so happy that he has his own! (They'd been taking turns letting him use theirs.) Since I have 4 grandchildren this was the 4th blanket I've made of the same fluffy, thick, amazingly soft yarn. Since this is probably my last grandchild, this may also be the last Nana Blanket! We wrapped Andy up in it & guess what? He went right to sleep!

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