Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trying to Scrap but Stuck on the Details!

I'm having the worst time getting started scrapping an album for myself. When I do them for other people I always know exactly how I want them to be (go figure) but for myself I just go back & forth about every little decision & end up not scrapping at all. Aaargh!

When this happens how do you stop going back & forth about album size, which photos to use, whether or not to include old BFs/GFs in prom pics, whether to try to have a theme to the album or just use whatever you like at the moment, & on & on...??? I'm starting to wish I just had about 2 dozen photos, 1 album, 1 pen/marker, 1 type of paper, and 1 set of embellishments. Then it might be easy.

Aaack! Hang on, put those materials down!! Just because I said I'd do better without them doesn't mean I meant it!! I love all my scrapping goodies!! I just need to make some decisions & get down to work though... otherwise this will continue to be more of a collection than a hobby!

At the moment album size is the biggest stumbling block. I love working with 12x12, but the albums are so heavy & bulky to carry around that I kind of prefer the 8x8... except that there's not enough room per page for all the journaling etc. that i like to include with my pics.

I'd like to be able to make photocopies in case my kids or somebody want them, and finding a place that will do 12x12 color copies for a reasonable price is just about impossible. The easiest way to get around that would be to use 8 1/2 x 11 but I don't want to - I strongly prefer working with a square page... which brings us back to the first paragraph (above)!

Ok, anybody have any suggestions (other than QuitFiddlingAroundAndGetToWork" or "EitherFishOrGetOffTheBoat"? LOL!

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VexedAngel said...

BTW, I like your fish or get off the boat saying--much nicer than my Grandpa's version! hee hee

Are there any 9 x 9 or 10 x 10 albums out there? Or do 8 x 8 an just have a pull out tab at the top of the page where the journaling pulls out from behind the layout?