Friday, April 11, 2008

Morning: make cinnamon rolls; Afternoon: die.

This morning my friend Wanda's co-worker went to her job as a cook at an educational camp for children. She made cinnamon rolls, did all the usual stuff, and left at lunchtime. A couple of hours later Wanda got a phone call - her co-worker had died!

She was in her late 30's & appeared to be healthy. We don't yet know what happened. The worst part is that she has a son who's a senior in high school; his dad died 1 1/2 years ago.

The boy is such a private person that when he returned to school after his dad's death, he told those who asked that he'd been at Cedar Point (amusement park) with his mom. He didn't tell any of his fellow students that his dad had died.

He's a good kid and the principal is offering to let him stay with him until the school year ends. He has no relatives in the area, and has pretty much kept to himself.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it has just been going through my mind over & over & I'm hoping that by writing it down it will no longer dominate my thoughts. It's such a sad situation, so hard to understand why something like this has to happen.

DH said "well, it just shows how unpredictable life can be - you never know when it might end." Kind of freaked me out because that's about the third time in the last few days that somebody has said that to me.

Think somebody's trying to tell me something? (Not that I think I'm about to die, just that maybe I need to make some big changes.) Only problem with that is that it would involve moving 400 miles, not very practical.


VexedAngel said...

(((HUGS))) Prayers for you and your friend and her friend's family.

:::b r a n d i::: said...

It's always incredibly sad when someone leaves this life young. We can only pray that this experience will somehow make this young man stronger and not ruin him.