Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Big Brother 10

The new Big Brother show begins this Sunday night! DH & I have watched every season since it began. The first summer it was on it aired 3 times a week, & we didn't miss an episode! Of course we were newlyweds, & it was fun snuggling up on the couch to watch it.

Now, many "houseguests" later, we're still hooked. Some seasons have been good, some stupid, and the last one was just plain sleazy but we still watched! After all, every season but one was aired in the summer when there's nothing else on & it's too hot to be out running around. (I hear you Texas girls laughing at me saying it's hot up here, but hey, hot is relative!)

Big Brother remains one of the shows DH & I like to watch together, so it's time to stock up on popcorn and get ready for the fun!

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