Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You're THIRSTY?? Oh no! NOW what do we do??

For years I've chosen bottled water as a thirst quencher, thinking of it as healthy, refreshing, and calorie-free. Now they've come out with a study that shows that bottled water which has been heated (left in a hot car for instance) contains a cancer-causing agent that's exuded from the plastic of the bottle itself. While we do have control over whether we leave our bottled water in the trunk or not, we don't have control over where the stuff is stored (maybe in a hot warehouse) before it reaches the grocery store... so, scratch water off the list of safe drinks.

We always known (because our moms told us) that pop is a bad choice. Last year a study supported the moms' opinions, specifically informing us that cola beverages are acidified using phosphoric acid which is very bad for the kidneys. Definitely scratch that one off!

Now, I like milk as much as the next person, but I don't think of it as particularly thirst quenching. Also, it leaves a film & funny taste in your mouth unless you happen to be at home where you can brush your teeth after drinking it... so scratch that off the list too.

Kool-aid has tons of sugar, and sugarless kool-aid contains artificial sweeteners that do who knows what to the body!

Fruit juices are great but high in calories.

I don't like coffee.

Most energy drinks have caffeine which isn't good for you.

That leaves tea, which I great, but which either is full of sugar (love that McDonald's Sweet Tea!) or else artificial sweetener (bad bad bad).

Alcoholic beverages may be thirst quenching, but I'm pretty sure you'll get lots of odd looks when you walk into work carrying your morning beer!

So, what are YOU drinking these days? As a single-kidney-ed goddess who has no desire to become kidney-less, I'd really like to know!


:::b r a n d i::: said...

We drink bottled water and iced tea. We refill bottles from our water purifier, mostly because we're cheap and don't want to keep buying bottled water.

Holly T. said...

Hey I wrote on this too in my blog. I was more concerned about he effects on bone density...and teeth with sodas. Just bad all around!
We drink water, unsweetened tea and milk...an occasional coffee.

Laurie said...

your bottled water is still safe =o) http://www.snopes.com/medical/toxins/petbottles.asp

I'll keep drinking my water too =o)

VexedAngel said...

I drink tap water, and variations thereof, including sugar-free "tea" (really koolaid, I think) and lemonade, and unsweetened tea. I also LOOOVE diet sunkist, or you know, a good beer.