Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's still January (barely) so I'm thinking I can still get by with wishing you a Happy New Year! If I were making resolutions I'd resolve to blog more frequently, but I'm not so we'll just have to wait & see what happens.
Things are going fine here. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and have been reading like a maniac! I absolutely LOVE being able to pick a book & instantly have it right in my hand, it's amazing!! I've bought a few, borrowed a few through the library's electronic book program, and downloaded some that are free because of being classics or's deal of the day. Woo hoo! Happy New Year & Happy Reading!! :-)


Brenda is SO Blessed said...

i got a nook for my birthday. it took me a bit to get used to it. I still love my "real" books. I have someone that has lent me one, bought several, and borrowed from the library. I had to get Kindle on my computer. A friend from High school has a book about to be published. Christian Fiction. I think it has a fee E book if you would like to try it out.... I have read the first few pages and it starts "In the rural hills of TN" I bet you would like it. the book is named "tiger Moths' and is by Sandra Grice.---I havent read too much of it but it looks good
I'm looking for the SK you mentioned and may try it LOL

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Oh yes I will definitely look for the book your friend wrote! I like stories set in that area. I think the Nook & Kindle are pretty much the same. Does your library have a program where you can check out books for your Nook on-line? It's a good way to read the latest without having to spend money buying them. :-) When is your birthday btw?