Friday, June 4, 2010


Aaack, I'm feeling so grouchy today I can hardly stand myself! Guess I'm still getting over the fun & frolick (& many hours in the car) of last weekend! It was definitely worth it - I had a great time - but I feel like I've been "rode hard & put up wet" as they say.

My shoulder blade has a knot the size of Texas & is hurting like crazy, my Florida plans got cancelled (thanks a lot, BP Oil), and my stomach is killing me. Whine whine whine! The good news is that I have keep the grouchiness to myself & haven't yelled at anybody or anything like that. The fact that I didn't see a soul the whole time I was at work made that pretty easy. Can you believe it?? Even the mailman didn't come in to use the restroom like the usually does. I couldn've worn my bathrobe to work & nobody would've known the difference!

Luckily it's Friday so hopefully I'll get rested up & feel better. If the weather permits we'll plant some flowers tomorrow & get the front porch/sunroom fixed up for Summer. :-) I'm wanting to get a porch swing for the patio but so far haven't seen one I liked. Home Depot had the perfect one last Summer but so far this year they don't have it. Crossing my fingers that I'll find one soon! Swinging is so soothing - it makes things seem much better!

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