Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taste Test: Blue Buffalo vs Canidae

While we have double the dogs we usually have, we thought it'd be interesting to do a little dog food comparison & see which dog food is preferred. Our dogs (which we'll call the White Team since they're both white) normally eat Canidae and the visiting dogs (which we'll call the Black Team since they're both black) normally eat Blue Buffalo. Both are high-quality dry dog foods that are similar enough that we (and the owners of Dex & Sam) agreed that it'd be ok to have a bowl of each brand of food available to all four dogs.

First Day: All 4 dogs ate like there was no tomorrow! Seriously, they ate twice as much as they usually do. The White team (aka our dogs) ate Blue Buffalo almost exclusively. Black team (aka the visitors) ate Canidae almost exclusively. Both bowls were almost completely empty at the end of the day. While the dogs were extremely active, I think part of the encreased eating was due to having something new since each chose the food he/she didn't normally receive.

Second Day: Food consumption returned to normal. All 4 dogs returned to eating their own brand, and at the end of the day both bowls were still half full. The dogs were not as active today since the excitement of having each other around had abated. Funny that the "new" wore off this fast, both with having new companions & with having different food. All 4 are happy & content, playing and napping.


Brenda is SO Blessed said...

hmmmm wondered how that would work when i first saw this.... our dogs are always more excited at first if we try a different brand/flavor. thanks for the info--so whatcha been up to anyway?

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Brenda the total amount of dog food eaten during the 9 days by the 4 dogs was almost EXACTLY the same! About 1/4 cup more of Canidae was eaten than Blue Buffalo. Both teams ate mostly the "new" food but would eat their own "regular" brand occasionally.

The funniest thing was that Blue Diamond has a mixture of shapes & the male dogs didn't like the black ones so they'd leave them. Polly would come along later on & eat all the black pieces left behind. DS said he thinks the black ones are the ones that contain glucosamine, which is good for the joints, so I was glad Polly was the one eating those (for her knees).

Kay Wallace said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I can't wait to see your "GOOD DOGS GONE BAD" scrapbooking layout. Still laughing about that one!