Friday, April 15, 2011

Ticker Tape Quilts

I like to quilt but haven't done it in a very long time. Just now I read about "ticker tape quilting". Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't. Apparently you use small scraps & stitch them onto a quilt sandwich. I've been looking at pics on flickr of ticker tape quilts & it looks like there are quite a few ways of assembling the pieces. If you haven't seen them, there are a variety pictured here:

My friend Ruth wrote about them - that's how I first heard of them. You'll find her blog under "fuzzy's faves" there on the left side of my blog. There's a sew-along project going on that she featured today in her blog. Each person works at their own speed, posting pics to show others how they're progressing. When you finish you'll have a Rainbow Ticker Tape Quilt, so called because each square will feature a different color. It sounds like fun!


Brenda is SO Blessed said...

hmmmm. that looks interesting. I am sorta working on a civil war reproduction quilt. I dare not take on another project before i finsh that one though

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

Brenda that sounds interesting! What stage are you in - cutting? sewing? Any pics? I'd love to see them!