Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lunch, Shopping, and Looking for Tiny Furboo Love

Had fun today! (I'm trying to make it a point to get out and do more instead of letting work and stress be my whole life.)

Went out to lunch with a good friend and talked my head off. That felt GREAT! We went to a new Indian restaurant -- very yummy & lots of vegetarian choices which was a nice change! She just retired last month & was telling me all about that.

Afterwards I went over to the mall and did a little lingerie shopping for my one and only niece. Sears is having a great sale and had her size (which is hard to find because she is shapely but very slender). Had the BEST time picking out styles & colors & imagining how thrilled she will be with her little goodies. One even had eyelet on the straps - very pretty & unusual I thought. I'll be mailing them to her since she lives a million miles from me.

Then I hit a couple of pet shops just for fun to see if they had chiuahuas (they didn't). My MIL's chiuahua (hope I'm spelling that right - too tired to check) died a month or two ago and she still cries about it every time we talk on the phone... SO DH & I are thinking of getting her one & taking it to her next time we go down there. Of course it won't take Heidi's place, but it will bring back the pitter patter of little feet and companionship for her & my FIL.

We're not going to buy one at a pet shop (for about a million reasons) but I thought it would be fun to play with/pet one while it's so little. When the first pet shop didn't have any I left the mall & headed for a different pet shop close to my house. (See, I was making it a point to stay out & about for an extended period.) Well, that pet shop was closed! Re-opening sometime next month.

We're hoping to find a chi that's a rescue. There are quite a few on (I've been looking.) We don't want one that looks just like Heidi did, because that might make her feel sadder. Heidi was black with brown points.

DH hopes we can find one down near where his mom lives, because he's afraid that if we get it up here & take it to her, I will fall in love with it en route and she'll never see it... ROFL... hate to say it but he is probably right. (That's how we ended up with Mac.) I'm really not a fan of chihuauas, but it pays to be careful, especially when you already have 4 pets in a condo that allows 1 per unit. (oopsie)

So, if you know of someone who had a chi that they're no longer able to care for, let me know! Being located somewhere along the I-75 corridor (Michigan - Ohio - Kentucky) would be a plus. I know lots of times when people have to move into assisted living they have to get rid of their pets, and this would be a really good home for one who likes older people and being spoiled rotten. :-)

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{b r a n d i} said...

Kudos to you for wanting to rescue...I hope you are able to find just the right baby for your family.