Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sarcoidosis, MS, Vitiligo, and other unfair diseases

Previously if you'd offered me one wish, I'd have wished for "world peace".

If you made me that offer tonight, I'd wish for "good health for all good people". Right now there are several people in my life who are suffering from diseases with no cure and it is just so unfair.

There are prisons full of people who have done horrid things but are perfectly healthy (physically at least). Why can't THEY be the ones who get the diseases that take away people's mobility, rob them of their ability to breathe comfortably, steal their confidence by removing the pigment from their skin, and do other things that keep them from enjoying life as fully as they deserve?

Yes, I know "life isn't fair" but that's not a good enough reason. I am so angry right now thinking about this. Angry at God? No. I believe most diseases that are still mysterious in orgin are being caused by chemicals and other pollutants that we (humans) have created, not because God is angry or anything like that.

IF it was God's will that people be sick, then it would be the bad people who would be sick. Instead, right now I know several wonderful, giving, caring people who deserve nothing but the best but aren't getting it. I hope that cures will be found SOON to help them. Meanwhile, my heart is aching.


Anonymous said...

Vote to support stem cell research. This is the number one best chance MS and many other diseases have of being cured, but closed-minded people don't understand the concept that it could be helpful in creating treatments to help the living.

Amir said...

today the since has been at its edge of techonology.Specially in the feild of medical science where the genetic studies reveil the very unknown question about different question. there are many examples and proofs for this but here i want to coute about the one disease which you described,vitiligo. Latest research by some big health orgs Vitiligo society and foundation for it suggest that a gene NLAP1 is responsible for vitiligo and another
vitiligo organization say that NLAP1 is related with auto immunse system of the body and vitilig is a anomaly in the auto immune disease.
this is some of my knowledge about the cause of vitiligo. soon i shall research about the affective treatment of vitiligo and other uncureable disease and then share my knowlege with other user.