Friday, September 7, 2007

Here's some money, make 3 wishes!

If you could have 3 MATERIAL wishes right now, this very minute , what would they be? (Abstract items, such as "Peace on Earth" or Good Health for my Family" cannot be included in this list. We may do one of those another time.

THIS list is totally concrete items... price is no object, and they must be FOR YOURSELF. C'mon, be selfish, we want to hear it!

My list:

1. A helicopter so I could visit my family quickly & easily whenever I want to without having to worry about whether there's an airport nearby.

2. Money to pay off all of my credit cards. I did this just before I got married, but sadly they no longer have a balance of -0-. I HATE credit card debt... it is so stupid and difficult to get rid of because of that crazy interest that keeps piling up.

3. A beach house on Pawley's Island with lots of room for friends & family. (Yes, I know that is awfully far away, but do remember I have that helicopter from item # 1.)

Ok, now I told you mine, you tell me yours! :-)

1 comment:

{b r a n d i} said...

ooh, fun...ok........

1 - 1 million dollars. I can spend some, save some, and buy what I want.

2 - brand new house with an acre or two of nice big yard and big shade trees.

3 - Vacation home near Monarch Ski Resort in Colorado.