Friday, September 28, 2007

Photos deserve to be seen & enjoyed

Six photo albums & a box of old photos have been sitting on my desk looking at me for about 3 weeks now. Sometimes I go in there & look back at them, but so far the relationship hasn't gone any further.

These are albums with pics that begin when I was 13. (The oldest ones are organized chronologically in a box because the albums they were in were "unsafe"). I'd like to do something with the pics so they'll be seen/enjoyed more often! Right now nobody (including me) ever sees them. I could do collages, mini-albums based on subject or age, big chronological albums, eeek! I just don't know! There are lots of pics of my kids as they were growing up, much too cute not to be enjoyed!

I want to scrapbook/ journal about some of the pics, but not all of them.

Then there's the question of what to do with photos of one's exes and children's exes etc. It just seems SO cold to throw away pics of people! I have done it with pics of old bf's and that wasn't so hard.. it's just the ones who were in the family for years and years that give me pause... or the ones where your relative looks so adorable but the person he/she is with just turns your stomach.

I am not going to cut the photos in half to remove the other person. I think that is SO tacky. Photoshopping them out, on the other hand.... hmmm... nah, too time consuming.

Ok, I just noticed that I have an 'eek' and an 'argh' all in the same post!! Definitely time to do SOMETHING if dallying over the decision is turning me into a (1.) mouse; or (2.) pirate.

I'm hoping that acknowledging that I'm procrastinating over this will (maybe) inspire me to get going on it. I think this is one of those cases where you feel like something should be perfect, & that desire for perfection immobilizes you! (Yes, I'm a Virgo, how did you know?) :-)

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Lisa W. said...

thanks for posting! love your blog title...i can so relate! and hey..big love is one of my very fav shows...the only non-movie i've ever purchased DVDs of! i too have boxes of photos but in the words of or somebody..i'll think about that tomorrow...hope all the testing comes back with great news about your nervewracking when their so young. please do stop by again!