Friday, November 2, 2007

Christmas 2006 as seen by my dog- (and if that title doesn't send you racing for a straitjacket I don't know what will!)

My little dog has her own blog on MySpace. Today I was reading through it (I know, there are lots of other things I could/should be doing, but hey, it's my day off!) and I found myself giggling at one of them. (It has been nearly a year since I.. er... SHE wrote it, and I'd forgotten about some of the things that happened.)

My dog wrote the blog to her fellow MySpace canines. There's a whole sub-culture of them out there. (Strange, but not nearly as strange as the MySpace group who like to wrap themselves and each other in saran wrap and duct tape... ah, but that is a topic for another time!)

So, without further ado, for your giggling pleasure I present my dog's Christmas '06 Blog:

"Hi Furry Friends! We got back last night from our very bery busy Christmas trip! We missed you all and want to tell you what we did (and we look forward to hearing 'bout what YOU did, too!)

On Christmas Eve we slept 5 hours in the car and when we woke up we were at our uncle Sharkey the poodle's house! (Well, actually we woke up at some rest areas and stuff, but just for long enough to take care of business and den get back in de car.)

Sharky and us were so excited to see each other! It was de first bisit together since Thanksgiving!! We ran and ran and played and played and ate crumbs Sharky's mommy kinda "dropped" while she was cooking. (we just LOVe her!) She was making Chex mix and cereal is one of our favorite treats!

Our human uncle Jason (Sharky's dad) got down in the floor and WRESTLED with all 3 of us, that was GREAT!! He is so so fun! We spent 2 nights at dere house, and den we headed for Lexington.

We stopped at a rest area and made 2 new friends! Dey were Bichons, a boy and a girl, and one had just been wid her new parents for 2 weeks 'cause she was rescued from a puppy farm where she was being a mommy too too many times! She was bery tiny and shy, but after a minute the 4 of us were bestest friends! Den, we got back in our cars & when we got to Lex guess what??

All our mommy's fambly was dere!! The grandparents and sisters and sons and granddaughters and eberybunny! Eben Sharkey showed up later dat night! Our cousins brought DiMaggio, who is bery old and cool and big and has long black and brown fur. We had neber met him before but we liked him right away! He is from South Carolina so he barks deeper and slower dan we do!

DiMaggio snapped at Garcia de next day but I tink that was cause Garcia just couldn't leave him alone when he was trying to nap. Plus he couldn't hear so I tink maybe Garcia startled him! Also dat day I got stepped on! Dat was cause dere were like 15 (including 4 little girl humans) and 4 dogs all in one condo and it was bery busy and fun and lots goin on and our human sister tried to stand in the same spot where I was standing. Anyway, I squealed but I wasn't hurt and eberbunny was ok. After dat happened I satted in Daddy's lap for a long time and I liked that.

So.. the whole fambly brought foods and eated and opened presents and eated and eated some more and brought more food and played games and eated and stuff... you get the idea! We got so many bery interesting crumbs plus the little girls were feeding us stuff when the big humans weren't looking, and one eben gave Garcia some Sprite!

Den Garcia and Sharkey discovered that in a bery quiet corner of the kitchen dere was dis can were they putted yummy treats and rustling plastic and stuff, so the 2 of dem were having so much fun eating and shredding paper and stuff 'til somebody noticed and said "out of de trash bois" and dey had to stop! Bwahaha I didn't care though 'cause I was in de other room where one of the littlest humans was holding her celery and letting me eat pnutbutter off of it!

Well, on de last day of eating and fun, we had a birfday party for 2 of the granddaughters. One was 2 and one was 6 and dey are sisters! We all singed and Sharkey singed really weally loud like he does when humans do. Garcia & Dimagio and I just listened though, we don't know how to sing like Sharkey does.

After de party eberbunny gadered up all dere stuffs and put it in all de cars and headed off in all different directions! We had long drives den, like Garcia & I had to trabel 7 hours north and Dimaggio had to trabel 7 hours south and our grandparents went 2 hours east but nobody went west!! So.. I guess dere are no cowboys in our fambly yet! Udder humans went different distances but I"m just telling you bout the furboos cause I know that's what interests you most!

Dis morning we are resting up & pwaying wid the cats 'cause dey didn't get to go and we just know that dey missed us so so much. Also we are pwaying with our Christmas presents, and we were pwaying wid the cats' gifts too but mommy & daddy made us stop cause we were getting the catnip balls all wet and Callie didn't like dat! Bwahahahaha!!

So.. dis was Garcia's 1st Christmas and my 2nd one, and now you know what we did! Can you tell us about yours (or about your Hannukah, whichever one you had at your house)?"


VexedAngel said...

ROFL I loved this: "He is from South Carolina so he barks deeper and slower dan we do!"

hee hee

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You're it!!! Check out: