Monday, August 27, 2007

Another weekend without Harry

Every weekend since Harry Potter came out, DH and I have planned to go see it. Planned being the key word. It's been out what... a month or so... and we still haven't gone!!!

Today we came close VERY close to going -- I was dressed & ready to go when DH admitted that he really didn't feel up to it.

I'm thinking of calling a friend & going one afternoon this week with her. Then if/when DH wants to go I'll see it a second time. I really want to see it on the big screen, & if we wait much longer it will be gone. (We don't have any of those nifty $1. theatres around here that shows almost-new movies. Wish we did!) So.. when the new wears off, you can't see it 'til it comes out on video.


{b r a n d i} said...

That's funny...I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and there is nothing wrong with just going all by yourself to see it - sometimes we need a little date with ourselves, you know?

Cindy said...

Go!!! I've missed a lot of movies waiting for my hubby.