Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Go for the Squish!

Had my annual mammogram today. They're really not as bad as people say they are, and hey, they can save your life! So, ladies, if you haven't had one lately call TODAY & make an appointment! Men, if your wife/girlfriend/mom/sister hasn't had one lately remind her to do so!

It doesn't take long at all -- I was in & out in half an hour & that included filling out a form -- is covered by most medical insurance companies, & to me is less traumatic than going to the dentist!

Questions? Feel free to ask, I've had several so can either answer your ? or else help you find an answer!

One of my best friends from high school through early 20's died of breast cancer about 7 years ago. Another very good friend from the years when I lived in England died of it 8 years ago (hers was an aggressive type that doesn't start with a lump, but instead with a dimple.) A co-worker of mine had it 2 years ago and is doing fine now after having a mastectomy.

So.. I would like to take a moment to rejoice in Leona's good health, and to remember Susan and Margaret and the thousands of others who weren't so lucky. C'mon girls, quit putting it off, go get squished! The life you save may be your own.

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Holly said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment =D

I don't mind mammograms either. I would MUCH rather have a mammogram than a pap smear or go to the dentist any day. They are no big deal at all just as you said.

I like books by Maeve Binchy, too, and have been trying to check the Outlander out of the library but so far it has been unavailable.

16 feet... two are yours, two your husband's, I'm guessing 3 dogs make up the rest? I'll have to go back and read some more to find out =D