Monday, August 20, 2007

Grumbles, Moans, & Groans

I'm feeling grumbly this afternoon.

1. My living room smells like wet dogs! Phew! (It has been raining all day, which is actually kind of nice because it's been forever since we had a nice, cool rainy day.)

2. My head hurts, my body is aching, and I feel whiney. I know lots of people in the world have it much worse than I do but I think on one's blog one is allowed to be grouchy & complain since anybody who doesn't want to hear it can just go on to a different webpage. It's not like we're sitting together & you have to nod politely & say "oh, poor baby".

On the good side I have an appt. for a massage Wed. afternoon. That will be great! It's been months since I've had one.

3. Last time I was supposed to have a massage I had to cancel because of a work emergency. (How the heck can you have a work emergency at a 16 hour a week job, you might ask... to which I will answer that some 16 hour a week jobs should actually be called Life Obsessions or something like that.")

Yes, this summer has kind of sucked. (My kids laugh wildly when I -very rarely- use that expression "sucked" because I used to fuss at them for saying it. But, (and yes, I know you're not supposed to begin a sentence with the word "but" but I am anyway, this is a blog for heaven's sakes, not a term paper) it has sucked.

4. All sorts of medical problems have plagued my family and friends this summer. Happily, most of them are all doing pretty much ok for the moment, but I still worry about them. A lot. So much so that I ended up spending the night in the hospital this summer because I was having all the symptoms of a heart attack. (Hmm, does that count as a Summer Vacation since it involved spending a night away from home? Naah, I don't think so...)

5. I had to cancel a trip to the beach that I'd really looked forward to for months with 9 sewing friends from an on-line forum. (Do you KNOW how long it's been since I've SEEN the ocean? Approximately a million bleeping years, that's how long!)

6. My "part time" (aka 99 hours a week) job spiraled out of control all summer with people thinking they had access to me 24/7 as it was home-based while the office was redone. DH is very annoyed that I've stayed with that job so long.

7. My only sister & her family (who I almost never get to see) didn't get to come up as planned. We were going to take the train to Chicago (that would've been SO much fun)

8. My niece didn't get to come stay a week w/o her parents for the first time ever (she has wanted to do tht for about 6 years now, and her mom & dad had finally said she could... then they turned around & signed her up for every camp known to man.

9. The grandchildren didn't get to come stay a few days with us w/o parents like they usually do (they started back to school so early that there wasn't time).

10. Since DH went back on steroids, I have gained 10 pounds. OMG this is not good! The steroids make him hungry all the time, and whenever he goes & gets a snack he brings me one too. We will soon be known as the Roly Poly Couple if this doesn't get under control quickly!

So, lots of planned fun times were cancelled & that was disappointing. DH didn't feel well most of the summer, so we didn't do any traveling or anything like we normally could've. I worry a lot about him, too. It took us over 40 years to meet each other, so it would be nice if we could both live at least 40 years together!

The only really fun times of the summer were:

1. when DD & kids came up and spent several days

2. when DH & I spent the weekend with DS & DIL.

Both of those times were GREAT fun, which leads me to wonder... WHY do DH & I live a million miles from the 2 people who make me the happiest? Life is short and I feel like I am just wasting much of mine. (...and then she began to cry... oh boo hoo, shut up!)

I'm usually an upbeat kind of person, guess today I needed to vent. I'll shut up now. (Oh, and l am already well aware of the many people who have it much worse than me and I know I'm blessed in many ways, so please don't inundate me with tales of woe from all around the world, they run through my brain like a newsreel all the time as it is.)

Thanks for listening. I'm glad I have the internet. Without it I might die. (Obsessed? Yes, thanks for noticing.).


{b r a n d i} said...

You are perfectly entitled to grumble in your own blog...I am glad you got it all out and made you feel better.

fuzzywhitedogs said...

Thank you Brandi for the affirmation!! (((hugs)))