Friday, September 26, 2008

Cheap Fun

I had so much fun yesterday afternoon & you won't believe where. In the Salvation Army Resale store! I went in to see what they had for babies, and OMG you wouldn't believe all the baby clothes they had that looked brand new (some even still had the tags on them!) I bought BUNCHES for what I'd have spent for just a couple out outfits at the department store.

It was so much fun going through them, & the more I looked at the more excited I got about the coming baby. I'd forgotten how SHORT the little legs are on the newborn size outfits! I know the baby won't get much wear out of that tiny size, but I bought some anyway because when he outgrows them (probably at about 1 week old) they will be enjoyed by his 3 "big" sisters for their dolls.

While I was looking at the clothes "Sally's Boutique" (as my friend likes to call it) was playing great 70's music including lots of Beatles tunes, so I just had a ball. Who knew being thrifty could be so much fun?!!

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