Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin

When I first heard that a woman had been nominated for V.P. I was pretty excited. However, as I've learned more about Sarah Palin, my enthusiasm has vanished. I'd like for our country's leader to be compassionate, someone who values life, and after watching this video I'm afraid she's not that person.

I found the video below to be horrifying. What do you think? Is there something I'm missing that makes this behavior ok?


:::b r a n d i::: said...

I can't see the video from work, however I can agree with you that while I was intrigued by his choice at first, right now I'm not so sure about her. When she was first announced it was fresh, interesting, new...I think we were so blinded by the breakthrough of his choice that many people didn't think about the intelligence or lack there-of with it. So now I'm still sitting right smack in the middle, not really thrilled with either direction that I have to go.

Karen L said...

Wow, this is my first ever public opinion of the presidential race but you hit a nerve with Sarah Palin. I guess what really ticks me off is that there was an assumption that women would vote for her just because she was woman. As if all women are interchangable. In my opinion, she is not qualified to be vice president, although she probably does just fine as Governor of Alaska. With the state of the country right now McCain should have picked someone more well-rounded and experienced in my opinon. I think this will hurt his chances and showed a lack of judgement. I wish I could be more enthusiastic and excited about a female VP, but she's not it.