Friday, September 26, 2008

House Hunting for DH's Parents

This morning DH & I had fun house-hunting for his parents. They want to move up here from several states away, so rather than make multiple trips to check things out they're trusting us to find them a place. We'll take care of buying it (with their $$ of course) and then they'll come up & move right in. They lived here years ago so are familiar with the area.

We found a nice place in one of those "over 55" manufactured home communities. (In other words a trailer park but VERY nice.) Everyone keeps their yards looking beautiful - landscaped and everything. It's on a lake & you have a boat slip plus all sorts of other amenities.

The lake is the part that got DH's attention - he loves to fish! I have a feeling that if they do move into that community we may be visiting them a LOT! The home that we chose is on a wonderful lot - lots of gorgeous big trees and a porch/deck that his dad would LOVE. He pretty much lives on the porch when the weather permits. DH and my son built one for him a few years back & it has been used & enjoyed SO much - it's the best thing they could've done for them!

DH called his mom & told her about this place & she was very enthusiastic. They just put their home up for sale yesterday & have already had 10 phone calls and 2 people come look at it! It's way out in the country, which isn't good when you get to be their age but will be great for a younger, healthier family. I hope it sells soon. They'd like to get up here before winter.

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