Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Early Election Results

It's 9:30 here (6:30 on the west coast) and the tv announcers are already giving election results & predicting who will win. I don't think they should do this until everybody in the country has had a chance to vote. They started doing this before our polls even closed, and hours before the west coast ones did.

Just now FOX proclaimed a "winner" in a state which only has turned in 24% of its votes! How can you declare that somebody has won when barely 1/4 of the votes have been counted?!? It's ridiculous! I mean I'm as anxious as the next person to see who wins, but for heaven's sakes let's wait 'til we actually COUNT the votes before we start declaring winners!


:::b r a n d i::: said...

I agree, but they've got to find something to yak about for 17 hours, you know? I was getting annoyed earlier when they first started because they kept declaring states "too close to call" with only 2% reporting. Well DUH! So stupid.

Karen L said...

I watched the results all day and finally switched the channel when it was pretty clear that Obama had almost all the electoral votes he needed. So then Dh comes home from teaching his class and he's SHOCKED that I'm not watching the election results! He said that I was missing an historical moment and how could I be watching re-runs instead! LOL! I assured him that I had been watching all day and didn't feel that that I had missed out on anything. I switched channels just as Obama made his speech.......perfect timing! I do have to say that I was surprised it ended so early this time (8:00 PST) because I remember other years when it went on and on and on.

VexedAngel said...

Yeah, especially after it's been demonstrated exit polls aren't always a reliable source of data! It is frustrating. But it's exciting to me to see the results as they do come in, and how it changes things, or how it confirms things, yada yada. I think it's all exciting. :-) I enjoyed watching the results come in last night, although I totally missed it when Obama passed 270 electoral votes--I was teaching Thomas how to play a song on guitar, and we both looked up like "Why are all those people so happy?" And then it hit us. :-)