Friday, May 4, 2007

The new floor has arrived!

Good news! The flooring actually came in today!! Wooo hooo!! (only 9 days later than planned... but at least it's here now.) We'd pulled up all the old carpet Wednesday before last in prep for this moment... have been living with subflooring (ugly & rough, we've had to wear shoes all the time indoors with it!) so it will be wonderful to get back to normal!

For the past week we've had a big comforter spread out in the living room floor for the dogs to play on. It makes me feel like I have little children again -- I remember putting a quilt down for them to play on before they could crawl. Polly just couldn't stand the way the rough wood felt under her paws, and sat on the couch looking really sad until we thought of putting the comforter down. Now she's happy as a clam. It's littered with their toys. We put throw rugs down the hall and a big plastic thing (those heavy things you put under a rolling office chair) in the kitchen to protect their feet. Makes for an interesting decorating statement! No wonder I've been about to hpull my hair out!

We'd planned to rent a truck at Home Depot to bring the flooring home in (they rent them by the hour) BUT when we went to pick it up it turned out you can only rent THEIR truck if you're using it to transport stuff you bought from THEIR store. Grrrr... I did ask if I could buy a lamp or something but the girl said NO. We had looked at their flooring but they didn't have any that we liked nearly as well as what we ended up buying elsewhere.

So, after being refused the truck... on to "Plan B". Dh & I each drove to the flooring place, folded our back seats down, & loaded up flooring! Took it home, then back for more. We could've fit it all into the 2 cars in one trip BUT the weight of it kept us from doing that. Didn't want to risk breaking the struts. (Hey, notice how I'm using a highly technical automotive word? heh heh clever girl!) Anyway...

DH and I will be installing the new floor this weekend. I'm looking forward to it -- it will be fun working together on a common goal, plus it I think it will look great when it's done! :-) It's Sienna Hickory, wide boards. Who knows, I might even get brave & try using the saw! (So.. tomorrow night's blog may be written with one hand! Might be a quick way to lose 25 pounds.. or however much an arm weighs!


{b r a n d i} said...

Wow, that's weird that Home Depot wouldn't let you rent their truck for whatever. We rent ours to anyone who wants to use it, regardless of its's free advertising for us and we get paid. So why not rent it?

fuzzywhitedogs said...

Yeah, isn't that nuts?? I mean, we buy tons of stuff from them, just not this particular flooring. Ah, well, it's their loss! Good point about it being good advertising for them! Do you work at a similar store?