Monday, May 7, 2007

We are young, heartache to heartache we stand... (Pat Benatar)

My old college friend Barb had a heart attack last week! This is so wierd because I still think of us as young, and heart attacks are something that happens to old people.
I remember sitting by a campfire with my dad, kids asleep in the tent, and him saying (when he was younger than I am now) that it was strange looking in the mirror and seeing this older man looking back. He said he still felt like he did when he was 18. I don't feel like I'm 18... maybe more like 30.
It's hard to be 30 when your children are 33 and 31. Hmm..
Anyway, Barb is going to be ok, but it did make me think.. I have lost friends to cancer and suicide, but to lose one to a heart attack... that would be really wierd because that's how my PARENT's friends die, not MINE.
I still think of Barb as the wild and crazy girl she was back when we were at EKU. Granted that was in the 80's, more than a couple of years ago, but still...
I told Barb she'd better not keel over, or I would be really mad. Somehow I don't think that will keep it from happening though.
Now, Haiku:
Your wild restless heart
now pumps one third what it should.
I want you to live

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