Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Commercialization of Our Music

It's so strange to hear what were once popular rock songs being used in commercials! The first few times I heard this being done I was just totally stunned - it was kind of like seeing the Beatles standing on a corner selling hot dogs.

Granted, these songs are 30-something years old, but still... what ever happened to the good old days when little ditties were written specifically for commercials? It seems almost sacreligious hearing Barry White's deep, amazing voice hawking Arby's sandwiches! (On the bright side, it WAS fun to hear him again...)

This trend reached an all new low (or should I say high?) (snicker) a few minutes ago when a commercial aired with a middle-aged band singing an Elvis song "Viva Las Vegas". What was it advertising? Viagra! OMG!! What would The King have thought? DH & I just sat here rolling our eyes. Funny? yes! Horrifying? kinda!


VexedAngel said...
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VexedAngel said...

(had to delete b/c I was too crude for me. lol)

Oh, I know... I hate it! Okay, not that all music is some sanctified thing written soley for some higher purpose of creating and creating beauty... BUT... I know it wasn't written to sell Viagra! ROFL Bugs me so much, especially when you see songs that the artist themselves refused to sell, but once they die and the family gets the estate, then... SURE! (There's some ad with Frank Sinatra selling vacuum cleaners, I think, that I'm thinking of...)