Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poop and Beer in the Morning Light

Picture it:

7:30 a.m. Me, walking down the street with a little pink bag of poop and a Bud Light beer, donned in a long navy coat (think "flasher!") over bright pink tinkerbell capris pjs and Crocs. Passersby on their way to work gaze in astonishment...

That's right honey, when it comes to strange, Brittany Speers has nothing on me!

Ok, now before you call for the men in the little white coats (or at least a family member) to come get me, I will point out that I was accompanied by 2 little white dogs (which would explain the poop).

The beer... well, I was thirsty and didn't have the ingredients for a Mimosa so it seemed like the next best way to start the day! :-) Nah, actually I retrieved the empty can from the lawn where some noodlehead deposited it during the night, 'cause I am a friend of the earth and apparently care more about the environment than said noodlehead.

As far as the outfit goes, what can I say... 3 of us woke up, 2 needed to go outside to potty, and nobody had the patience to wait for me to get properly dressed first.

I LOVE no longer being the infamous Mrs. C., schoolteacher who must keep up appearances & be at least semi-dignified at all times!


rach scholz said...

Hi there :)

Thanks for the comment about my crocs! I was quite surprised actually as I haven't used that blog in sometime!! My new blog addy is

Anyway, the crocs were decorated with Sharpie pens...

Hope that helps :)

Cheers, Rach :)

Jen Hoover said...

I have likely been seen wearing at LEAST something equally (if not worse) ;)