Saturday, October 6, 2007

I AM an invisible friend!

You know how kids have imaginary friends? I had 3 when I was little. Their names were Peeney, Crinky, and Andy. They were with me all the time 'til my little sister came along, then, one by one, they went away. One ran away, one got the measles and died, and I don't remember what happened to the last one. I need to ask my mom about that!

Fast forward 40+ years and now my youngest DGD has her own imaginary friend! This is a relatively new development, probably a result of her sisters both going off to school, leaving her to be the only child at home.

Little B's imaginary friend... well, can you guess its name? It's not Peeny, Crinky, or Andy! It is (brace yourself) Nana! Yep, I am her imaginary friend! DD said that they'll be in Walmart & little B. turns around & looks behind them saying "c'mon Nana, let's go this way". (keep in mind that I'm a good 8 hr. drive away, so its not me she's talking to. It's an invisible Nana. How cute is that??!!? :-)

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{b r a n d i} said...

Aw, that's the cutest thing ever!